Cute Couple Things

This couple is one of my favorites to be around! I met these crazies at my day job and have had the opportunity to become very good friends with them. Abby and Alex are friends, and clients, for life and I couldn't be happier because next to hanging out with them, taking their pictures is my favorite!

I know that some of you will recognize that pictures of them are all over my website & Pinterest, but I seriously can't even help it! This time, they asked me to do some christmas card pictures for them, which, I know, I am pretty late on posting, but here they are! The matching sweaters they are rocking they had made because they couldn't pass up the opportunity to show off their matching cars. It was a little too cold outside for their fur babies, so instead we got some romantic expressions of their love, with their cars. 

The level of cheese they have just by talking to each other makes me so happy and with each picture, however awkward or silly, I can see how much they love each other. Thank you both for letting me post your pictures everywhere! I am beyond happy that you both love them!!