My best friend is cooler than yours!

I know, I know, everyone always says their friend are the best friends anyone could ask for, you've all seen it, but really, my friends are the best friends anyone could ask for! After seeing so many different people praise their friends I realized that my friends are the best fit for me, and I honestly couldn't have found better friends than the girls I party with now. 
I was already able to take pictures for one of my best friends before, for her graduation from The U, but these pictures are way more exciting than graduation pictures; she's getting married!!! Rebecca and Patrick are some of my favorite people to be around and I was lucky enough to take some engagement pictures for them. This couple is adorable and they will really be together forever, after seven years of dating they are going to tie the knot next June. I am beyond thrilled to be apart of their wedding as a photographer and as a friend, thank you for letting me take your pictures, guys!